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Being awarded 2nd place at Accenture's Tech Bootcamp
Representing JADE at the 2023 Australian Bar Association's Annual Conference
Achieving affiliation with the UNSW Business School
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💼 Legal and financial services sector experience utilising technology for digital transformation
📚 STEM and humanities background in Computer Science and Law Degrees
👁️ Well informed, widely travelled, immensely curious and a consistent employer of critical thought
🌟 Strong leadership initiative with a record of empowering productive teams and good governance
🗳️ Participation in a variety of interest and career student groups, public forums and competitions

Bob is currently a Software Engineer at Macquarie Group where he is working with a Banking and Financial Services aligned engineering team delivering on updates to the Macquarie home and car loan portals.

Bob is proud of his experience having been able to contribute to meaningful organisations and projects via his work. This especially includes his time at Jade.io and his foundational work on brief.bar as well as contributions to OpenLaw, Little William Bourke, LawStream and LawFluent. He further is pleased with his experiences at startups Volt Bank and Voly.
Outside of work, Bob is an active participant in extracurricular university programs having held the presidency of two different societies. Bob is especially pleased with his work at UNSW Fintech with respect to good project management in the SIG Algothon and good governance changes. Further, the free and open source projects of DevSoc are a worthy cause that serves student developers and the UNSW community well.

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